OC-MISS: Ottawa Center of

MISS ( The McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences) of

SCS (The Society for Modeling and Simulation International)

ˇ      OC-MISS is a Center of MISS and functions according to the Policy and Procedures of MISS as ratified by the SCS Executive Committee on July 21, 2003.

ˇ       OC-MISS is a member organization of M&SNet.

ˇ      As a member organization of M&SNet and as a Center of MISS, OC-MISS endorses the Code of Professional Ethics for Simulationists which is adopted by the SCS on July 24, 2003. 

ˇ      For a rationale for the Code of Professional Ethics for Simulationists, please click here

ˇ      For further information about Ethics for simulationists, please click here

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          Annual Reports: 2001-2002;   2002-2003;   2003-2004

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          Seminars - 2005:
  • April 22: A Conceptual Modelling Framework for Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, by: Louis G. Birta and Gilbert Arbez, University of Ottawa Announcement, Presentation
  •           Simulation Education in Ottawa Universities


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